Treasure Hunt

First Treasure Hunt With CCi Here is my list of clues and the treasures my group found.-Arthritis in the right hand wrist -Black brace -Clint -migraine headaches -doorway entrance -bathroom -right shoulder -left foot heel Linda had a broken pinky toe left foot (clues: left foot heel). Gale Linda’s sister diabetes foot to be cut … Read more

More Love Lesson

More Love Lesson Even Almighty has some real truth in the scene about us asking for certain attributes. For example, love. God just doesnt give it out for us to use. But he gives us opportunities to love. Well, tonight I was informed that my previous trainer/ 2nd shift co-workers told other within the office … Read more

Life Lessons

Life Lessons Lately I have felt like God is trying to tell me some things. For example, love for others and loving people as He loves people. Much of my pride has been tested. Recently on December 18th, 2009 I was listening to Kris Valenons sermon about loving others. There were so many points and … Read more