Reviews: Smartphones, Tablets, Apps and Accessories.

Do you develop or make products for Smartphones, iPads or other devices? Are you looking for someone to review your product? I am interested in starting to review various products for mobile devices. I currently own an iPhone 4S (Verizon), iPad 2 and a MacBook (2009 Model). I have pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S3 (Verizon) … Read more

The End of Unlimited Data with Verizon.

Today Verizon announced changes with the data plan options. On June 28th shared data plans will go live. So my interested was perked up about the possibility of losing my unlimited data plan. As I read multiple Twitter posts related to the subject I wanted to find out from the source. I went to … Read more

Treasure Hunt

First Treasure Hunt With CCi Here is my list of clues and the treasures my group found.-Arthritis in the right hand wrist -Black brace -Clint -migraine headaches -doorway entrance -bathroom -right shoulder -left foot heel Linda had a broken pinky toe left foot (clues: left foot heel). Gale Linda’s sister diabetes foot to be cut … Read more