Screen Settings for ebooks.

eBooks are becoming more popular each day. Just about every book is available on eBook. Today’s society spends many hours in front of a screen of some sort. In result your vision is something to look out for. There are screen options for your device while reading an eBook. Try using the different page styles and brightness options. Find the setting that relaxes your eyes.

If you need help finding the best setting form your eyes for reading ebooks leave a comment.

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  • LYCCYX was written with this in mind. Our recommendation is white text on a black background….

    For those who prefer analog reading, Episode 1 will be available on paperback shortly.

    Stay tuned for more technology news and information from BaneTech. It is my one-stop shop for all things tech and phone related.


  • I personally like the Sepia with the brightness turned down to about 75%.