The Essential Phone – has this become a saga?

I think so. In my last article (essential-phone-andy-rubin-listening), I posted the email that all of us who have pre-registered received, giving hope that the ph1 (the Essential Phone) would arrive very soon. Four days ago, it showed up on Best Buy’s website as” Coming Soon”. That has not changed as of this morning (07/08/2017).

So, was this just another attempt at keeping interest in the device alive? It’s beginning to seem so. But, of course, the specs are still fascinating: Titanium body (a first), 4K video on both the front and back cameras, 5.71” Quad HD display, etc. But, excitement for the newest and latest is hard to sustain, when the product is held back more than two months after the announcement and more than a month since said product was promised.

I’ve had to somewhat move on and have since purchased and begun testing the Moto Z2 Play. Like most, I do NOT have unlimited funds so, if and when the Essential Phone is finally released, it will probably be a little while, before I get one into my hands.

I think Andy Rubin has done some damage to his company and to some degree, his reputation through this process. I’m pretty sure that he can recover but, at this point, the device will be in direct competition with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and soon, the Google Pixel and iPhone 8 (or whatever it’s called). Releasing earlier would obviously have been the smarter move, generating buzz and excitement before the heavy hitters released theirs for this year. I can only assume that Essential is holding off due to determination to get it right.

I just hope they have not waited too long.

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  • Great article sir! They need to do a promo with the price to grab the tech worlds attention again, because things have slowed down for this phone for most of us. Drop the price at launch for a bit, and grab some sales from the competition! 👍

    • Total Tech

      Yeah they missed the boat for real

    • George Hayes

      Totally agree, J. As you stated in your video.

  • Total Tech

    Great article and I agree. At this point I may miss this phone

    • George Hayes

      I’m still hoping they come through and I can pick one up.