5 things to do on your Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

Iris Scanner Once you have setup your iris scanner on your Samsung Galaxy S8, it is a very quick and convenient way of unlocking your phone. To use the iris scanner you need to press the power button, then swipe to unlock and then you can use the iris scanner to unlock your phone. To … Read more

Top 6 Google Pixel Tips and Tricks

Notification light You may have realized, or you may have not, but the Google Pixel phone has an LED notification light. Google doesn’t make it easy to find though. It’s hidden behind the Settings > Device > Notifications menu. Use the toggle to activate it and it will then pulsate depending on the different applications. … Read more

How to Clean your Smart Devices

Like you and many others around the world, I use my laptop on a daily basis. I use it for Uni, Youtube, and streaming content 24/7. Since I bought it 4 years ago (yes, I know I need to upgrade) its been near me ever since. Currently, I have my Pixel XL smartphone, my Nexus … Read more

The Best Android Apps Early 2017

It’s about that time again where we take a look at some of the best Android applications which have hit the Play Store recently. Here are my top 5 applications which are listed below. Days Counter First up we have Days Counter, this lets you keep track of the events which are most important to … Read more

5 ways to re-use your old smartphone

New technology is emerging all the time, with the yearly turnover of new smartphones and laptops on the rise. According to Pew Research Centre, 77% of all Americans have some sort of smartphone device. With all these devices around surely there should be some spares, right? You can either sell your device to the vastly … Read more

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