The Essential Phone – has this become a saga?

I think so. In my last article (essential-phone-andy-rubin-listening), I posted the email that all of us who have pre-registered received, giving hope that the ph1 (the Essential Phone) would arrive very soon. Four days ago, it showed up on Best Buy’s website as” Coming Soon”. That has not changed as of this morning (07/08/2017). So, […]

The Essential Phone – Andy Rubin listening

Back on June 1st, I asked “Essential – will it be that for you?”  Essential is the new company of Android co-founder, Andy Rubin and they announced their new phone on May 31st, saying that it would be ready for purchase by the public within the next month. Everyone knows that did NOT happen and a […]

Essential Phone – now you see it – no you don’t

Back in May of this year (see my June 1st article), Android co-founder Andy Rubin said at the Code Conference that his Essential Phone would start shipping in the next 30 days. As the head of the company, one would expect that he would be fairly certain of the facts. Especially, considering Rubin’s vast background […]

EU considers more fines against Google – what a surprise!!

If you read my article from last week, EU’s first salvo at Google, I said more would be coming. So, it was no surprise to learn that the European Union antitrust regulators are considering another record fine against Google. This time involving it’s Android mobile operating system. The Commission’s own panel charged Google with using […]

EU’s first salvo at Google – a big one with more to come

On Tuesday (06/27) the European Union hit Google with the largest fine ever levied in an antitrust case. The regulators levied a fine of $2.7 billion (2.4 billion euro) on the Mountain View giant for favoring its own services over those of rivals. We knew this was coming, as the EU has been doggedly pursuing […]