Top 5 tech savvy gifts, accessories, and more for under $100 last minute shoppers of tech (Holidays Edition 2014)

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Moving past discounted price tags and deals for the holidays like black Friday and Cyber Monday we all look forward too. Most of these sales may be restricted do to quantity, time restraints, and money concerns you may have on the consumer side. Some people may have missed these opportunities for other various reasons, but my focus … Read more

CHOETECH 50 Watt 6 Port Desktop Rapid USB Charger


Desktop chargers have become of my favorite tech accessories to use this year. It wasn’t until recently this year that I have become accustomed to using a desktop charger for juicing up my devices. These days there are so many gadgets to be charged up by via USB connections. That’s where a desktop charger comes … Read more

5 of the best tablets for the Holidays you and your family will love (holidays edition 2014)

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Christmas is just around the corner, tech savvy friends and family like myself are looking forward to receiving electronic gadgets as stocking stuffers in this new digital age we live in. laptops, notebooks, ultra books, Chromebooks, and large 5 to 6 inch smart phones are the now norm for mobile computing. Tablets, the middle ground … Read more