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Ever since the beginning of Bane Tech I have been on the lookout for “The Everyday User Experience” in everything I publish. For the most part the content has been technology related. Over the course of time there have been opportunities to review items outside of the realm of techie products. As a reviewer I … Read more

Note 4 developer edition coming to Verizon soon and why I might get it over the Nexus 6


The day I write about the reasons why I am not getting the Note 4 is the same day I learn there is a Note 4 developer edition coming to Verizon. This variant will come with an unlocked bootloader, minus Verizon bloatware, and packing all the TouchWiz beefiness. There is no release date as of … Read more

Time lapse photography on steroids


A team of researchers from the University of Tokyo and Keio University have built a camera capable of recording 4.4 trillion frames per second. Called the STAMP (Sequentially Timed All-optical Mapping Photography) camera, it is able to allow us to visualize heat conduction and chemical reactions. The researchers say this is now the fastest camera … Read more