Verizon Wireless 2014 (best smartphone lineup in years)

Best Smartphones 2014

Verizon wireless, a well know mobile Smartphone provider in the USA bring us LTE (Long term evolution), XLTE for faster speeds, and the all new voice over LTE (VoLTE)! They now have a Smartphone arsenal under their belt, this great portfolio of devices is hands down by far all out war over other USA Smartphone … Read more

Okeyn Extendable Self-portrait Camera Shooting Shutter Monopod aka Selfie Stick


The Okeyn Extendable Self-Portrait Camera Shooting Shutter Monopod (that’s a mouth full!) is a cool useful accessory that could take your selfies to a whole other level. It’s good for just about any smartphone, camera, GoPro or iPods. The adjustable mount stretches to fit devices around the size between a Galaxy S4 and Note 3. … Read more

Okeyn Remote Bluetooth Shutter for iOS and Android


Okeyn has a pretty neat companion to help your smartphone picture taking needs. They offer an inexpensive remote bluetooth shutter that works with iOS and Android devices. This little remote, which is about the size of a car key fob has two buttons to use for snapping those photos. The setup is simply and is … Read more

YouTube Music Key Beta is now Live (Early adapters rejoice)


Google’s all new YouTube Music Key Beta is now live and available for most. A new subscription service that allows you to stream, ad free YouTube official and new talent fan base music videos on your Android device! Think of it as your favorite music library you love to listen to but with a face/music … Read more